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Custom Glass Firescreens

custom glass firescreen

Our made-to-order freestanding decorative glass firescreens offer a clear, unobstructed view of your fireplace; and have options for glass type, thickness, handles, and plated finishes.

Above: 12mm Starfire custom glass screen, with large flat black feet

Glass Type

custom glass firescreen in regular clear tempered glass by the fireplace shop ltd.
Regular Clear Tempered Glass
custom glass firescreen in starfire tempered glass by the fireplace shop ltd.
Starfire Tempered Glass

Choose between regular clear tempered glass, and Starfire tempered glass. While both offer a clean, contemporary look for your fireplace, the reduced iron content in Starfire tempered glass eliminates colour casting, allowing for exceptional clarity.

Glass Thickness

Starfire glass screencloseup by The Fireplace Shop Ltd.
6mm vs 12mm glass screen comparison by The Fireplace Shop Ltd.

We offer custom glass pieces in either 6mm or 12mm thicknesses.

There are some limitations to how wide or tall we can make a custom glass piece. Depending on the requested screen size, we may recommend using 12mm glass with large feet for improved stability.

Another important property to consider when selecting glass thickness is heat propagation, as glass absorbs heat over time. Keep this in mind if attempting to move your screen while your fireplace is running!

When operating your fireplace, an air gap is required between glass and fireplace to allow sufficient oxygen to reach the flames. We can help you determine how far forward your screen should be to allow for proper function.

Above: 6mm glass sample left side, 12mm glass sample right side
Above: Small Handle in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish


Large custom handle in Satin Nickel finish by The Fireplace Shop Ltd.

To make your screen easier to lift and move, you can request handles for your order. We typically recommend small handles for 6mm and large handles for 12mm thick glass.

Handles are available in a range of plated finish types as detailed below, and are installed at fixed positions near the top of the glass piece.

Above: Large Handle in Satin Nickel finish
Right: Small Handle in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish
Small sized custom glass firescreen handle in oil rubbed bronze finish by The Fireplace Shop Ltd.

Feet Sizing

Small vs. Large custom glass firescreen feet by The Fireplace Shop Ltd.

Our custom designed feet are made in small, as well as large size and are installed at fixed positions near the bottom of the glass piece.

Generally, small feet are installed on 6mm glass orders, and large feet are selected for 12mm thick glass by default. In some cases we may advise large feet on a 6mm order, to better stabilize your glass piece.

Left: Small feet vs. Large feet, in Satin Nickel finish

Finish Types

When requesting your screen quote, choose one of our plated finishes from below for the feet, and (optional) handles.

Having trouble choosing a finish? You can also bring in photos of your fireplace or sample items with metal finishes in the room to compare with our plating sample chart in store.

Due to the nature of the electroplating process, plated finishes usually acquire a natural patina over time.

Bright Brass - C3
Satin Brass - C4
Antique Brass - C5
Bright Bronze - C9
Satin Bronze - C10
Statuary Bronze Medium - C20M
brass and bronze plating samples

Visit us in store to see production samples

Oxidized Satin Bronze Oil Rubbed - 613
Bright Nickel - C14
Satin Nickel - C15
Antique Nickel - C15A
Pewter - C15L
Flat Black - C19
Dark, and metallic plating samples
Bright Black - C19B
Bright Chrome - C26
Satin Chrome - C26D
Black, chrome and aluminum plated finishes

Build Your Glass Screen

To request a custom glass screen quote from us, please complete the form below and click 'Submit' to e-mail us.
You may provide measurements for your order, or for an additional fee, you can book a site visit for us to take the measurements for you. Please note that site visits for measuring glass orders are available to Toronto and GTA area residents only, contact us for details.
To help us with your order, you can attach a photo of your fireplace (please use a clear, wide angle photo). We can then use this to help clarify the dimensions you provide us for the quote.
A member of our sales staff will get in touch with you to review your selections, and advise you if there are any concerns with your request.
Please note that custom glass screens are to be considered "decorative", and are provided without warranty.
Custom screen orders are available for in store pick up. For an additional fee, delivery service is available within the city of Toronto and GTA only.
If you have general questions about custom glass screens, please contact us!
1.  Select Glass Type
2.  Select Glass Thickness *
3.  Optional Handles
4. Select a Finish
5. Add a Photo of Your Fireplace (Optional)
Fireplace Photo
6. Fireplace Opening (W" x H") **
7. Requested Screen Size (W" x H") ***
8. Contact Information

Thanks for submitting!

(Any customer information provided to us will be considered confidential, and shall not be used for any purpose other than quoting or placing your order. Street address required to complete order, optional for quoting.)
We may suggest using 12mm glass for added stability, depending on the dimensions for your fireplace, and requested glass screen size.
"Fireplace opening" refers to the width and height of the fireplace interior. Sending a photo with your request will help us to confirm the dimensions you provide are for the correct area.
Requesting glass screens in excess of 35"W x 35"H will be reviewed for feasibility, and discussed prior to order placement.
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