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So you're interested in getting a fireplace ...

​We recommend visiting our downtown showroom to discuss ideas, view working demo units, mantels and other options you may wish to consider.

To obtain a detailed quotation, contact us about booking an appointment for an inspection. Once we have completed an inspection with you, we can build accurate quotations for fireplaces which include installation fees, and components needed for your specific situation.

Renaissance Rumford 1000 wood burning fireplace

Fireplaces can complement a living space such as your family room, dining room, bedroom or patio, but care must be taken with respect to selection, installation and maintenance of a fireplace, to help ensure that you get the most of your new unit now, and in the years to come.

Selecting the right fireplace can depend upon several factors. Simply choosing one based on visual appearance and price may not account for installation feasibility, safety requirements, or desired affect.

At The Fireplace Shop Ltd., we can help you create a "fireplace experience" by working with you each step of the way, offering consultation services, inspections with our certified technicians, knowledgeable sales staff, installation and post installation services.

When you're ready to begin, we suggest gathering any information you may have about your install space (such as photos, general measurements, existing fireplace info). You may also wish to review some of our popular fireplace brands for inspiration.

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