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"The Fireplace Shop Ltd was created in 1962 by my parents Iris and Ken Cook, and local pottery shop owner, Mr. Clarence Kajar.

My mother worked for a blacksmith on Yonge Street, and the blacksmith offered her some fireplace items to help her set up a shop of her own, which led to the birth of our store!

Concurrently, my father operated Ken Cook Delivery, making deliveries for Toronto area artists with his VW van. This led to forming long lasting ties with decorators and artists in Yorkville. Clarence had a store in Yorkville, selling pottery in the 60's which we merged with to become The Fireplace Shop Ltd., thus becoming the first fireplace shop in Canada.

Trips back home to England provided us with many antiques for the store. By the early 1970's, we relocated to the newly forming neighborhood of boutique retail stores along Eglinton Avenue West near Avenue Road, where we remain today.

Through our years we aim to offer the finest in fireplace furnishings, mantel pieces, modern gas and wood burning fireplaces, as well as innovative electric and bio-ethanol based fireplaces.

Although times may change, our store continues to offer products from the classic curve of French Rococo to the timeless straight lines of the modern."

- Peter Cook

Owner, Manager

The Fireplace Shop Ltd.

Fine Fireplaces & Furnishings Since 1962

The Fireplace Shop Ltd. Established 1962
The Fireplace Shop Ltd. Toronto Fireplaces
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