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Linear Gas Fireplaces

'Linear' fireplaces refer to a type of fireplace which is wider than taller in shape.  While linear fireplaces are often associated with contemporary fireplace design, there are some which offer features more commonly seen in traditional fireplaces such as ceramic log media, or even wood burning in some cases.

That said, the majority of these units offer modern design cues such as reflective liners that add an illusion of greater depth to the interior, or glass media and LED based mood lighting which can further add contrast and definition to the flames.

PRIMO 72 - Photo (Clean Face, Crystal Gl

We have several manufacturers to choose from when it comes to linear fireplaces. See our list below to learn about the latest options from our partners, and visit us in store to see some of our demo units.

To obtain a quote for your fireplace installation, contact us about booking an inspection with our qualified gas technicians. This helps us to determine with you, which fireplaces are best suited to your needs and situation.

We also have linear fireplace options in Electric and Bio-Ethanol.

Linear Fireplace Brands:

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