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Wood Burning Fireplaces

There is nothing quite like the ambiance of a wood burning fireplace or stove.
When considering a wood burning insert, or other wood burning fireplace systems, we recommend reviewing factors such as frequency of use, acquisition and safe storage of firewood. As with any fireplace system, we place feasibility and safety first when helping you determine which units to install. You can begin this process with us by requesting a site inspection with one of our qualified technicians.
Renaissance Rumford 1000 Wood Burning Fireplace

In our showroom: Renaissance Rumford 1000

You may also wish to consider pairing your fireplace with one of our mantels hand carved in marble, wood, or perhaps cast iron. The mantels at our showroom are an in-house specialty, designed and fabricated by us. We offer consultation, customization, and installation services.
To obtain a quote for your fireplace installation, contact us about booking an inspection with our qualified technicians. This helps us to determine with you, which fireplaces are best suited to your needs and situation.
We also carry a wide assortment of fine stock and custom made firescreens, wood grates and other accessories.

Wood Burning Fireplace Brands:

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