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Ethanol and Bio-Fuel Fireplaces

Bio-ethanol based fireplaces and inserts offer a unique hybrid of real flames with 100% clean burning fuel system. Ethanol fireplaces produce significantly more heat in operation over an electric fireplace, and can be further enhanced with decorative logs or glass media in some models.

In ethanol based fireplaces we are pleased to carry Planika, who specialize in designing, and engineering ethanol based fireplace systems which offer exceptional safety, performance and design integration capabilities.

When considering an ethanol based fireplace, it is important to account for variables such as room size, air circulation, and providing sufficient space for safety clearances.

To find out if Planika is suitable for your next fireplace project, visit our showroom, or contact us for more information.

Planika Prime Box standalone ethanol fireplace unit on display at The Fireplace Shop Ltd.
Fire Line Automatic 3 - Planika Esplanad Ethanol Fireplace
Above:  Planika Prime Box Series Standalone Ethanol Fireplace, on display at our showroom
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